What’s a blog? What do I do?

With this blog, you have some choices.

Subscribing – You don’t have to, but if you want yo be alerted when there’s new content, you can subscribe to the whole kit’n’kaboodle – enter your name and email at the bottom left there – and you’ll get email alerts when there are new articles on here.

Alternatively, you can subscribe only to a series of posts – by clicking that you want to be emailed when there are any updates.

Social Media – We’re sorting out Facebook and Twitter so you can be alerted on those media too. Check back soon for that.

Reading and writing – You can just read, or, if there’s something you want to write, then leave a reply in the appropriate place. After your first post has been approved, then your next ones will appear instantly.

Privacy – You can unsubscribe to any of this at any time, and if you write anything the administrators think is offensive you’ll be banned.


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