Cardrona Village Minutes – January 17th 2013

Minutes of Committee Meeting on CVHC and CVA held on 17.1.2013

Present: B McCrow; B Taylor; D Finn; R McKenzie; J Lyon; N Rutherford

BM- £5069 now received for VCP maintenance- letters sent to non- payers

BM- suggests we use Google Drive as a Management System- and Quick File for the accounts package -all agreed

BM- Discussed development at the Ice House. It was agreed this be investigated and a proposition is to be bundled in with that of the Playpark and the Pump`n`Jump for presentation to the village. It was agreed that BM, NR and BT look at the needs and costs of these.

BM- Advised that pro tem, Dominic is taking control of the Bookings, but that Becky Hall was still scouting for someone to take over these duties permanently.

It was agreed that we start to examine implications of taking over all village factoring arrangements, and that we perhaps obtain quotes to compare against the existing Factor Costs already known to us.(Action- BM- have you a Factor summary)

There was a brief discussion on forming as Fund Raising sub committee- this developed into a discussion on how we might get help from village residents on this and areas such as maintenance. Agreed that Dom put together a flier for distribution with AGM notes

There being no other business the meeting closed at 9.30


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