CVA Constitution for 25th October 2013 meeting

Cardrona Village Association Constitution – draft final 11 Aug 2013

It has been approved by OSCR.

This is the version which we will be voting on to accept and use at our meeting on 25 October 2013, 7.30pm, Village Hall.

CVA Membership Subscription form for 2014


CVA committee nomination form Oct 2013

These are the latest versions of the constitution, proxy form, Membership subscription form and Committee nomination form to be used at the village meeting on 25th October 2013. .


2 responses to “CVA Constitution for 25th October 2013 meeting

  1. Dear Interim Committee,

    In think it would be helpful if you were to delete from the web site all but the most recent final draft of the constitution, i.e. 11 August 2913. Otherwise it is a bit confusing.

    And, if you want to have people vote by proxy and/or email for adoption of the constitution on 25 October, it is important that it be clearly explained how this can be done. This is so far lacking, at least as far as I can see. Your most recent leaflet, which accompanied the Peebles Life, only explained how to register for your email, not how to vote.

    Finally, I think that those who feel themselves entitled to vote for adoption should be expected simultaneously to commit themselves to join the CVA and pay the 2014 dues. This should also be a part of the voting process: no representation without taxation, and no taxation without representation. They would then qualify as Founding Members.

    Although I would like to persuade my neighbours in Castle Knowe Way to support this process, I don’t really know how they should do so, except by attending the meeting, which they may not be able to do. Indeed I myself can’t attend and don’t know how to vote….

    Good luck! Robert England.

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