Cardrona Village Association – inaugural meeting 25th October 2013

The inaugural meeting of the Cardrona Village Association (CVA) will be held on Friday 25th October 2013 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.  All residents over 16 years old are welcome to attend

There will be a vote for the formation of the CVA, which will formally replace the Cardrona Village Hall Committee and the interim CVA.

The aims of the CVA are:

1. To manage, maintain and improve the Cardrona Village Parts.  Initially this will comprise the Village Green, the Village Hall and its adjacent car park and borders, the Village playground and the Pump n’Jump facility.

2. To manage the Cardrona Village Hall and Green for the use of all residents of Cardrona and its environs

3. To organise and support any other community based activity to improve the conditions of life for the community.

The agenda will be:

1. Welcome

2. Progress to date

3. Financial statement

4. Proposed way forward based on legal advice received

5. Proposed costs for 2014

6. Vote on the formation of the CVA including dissolution of the CVHC

7. Proposed schedule for activities

8. Election of CVA committee office bearers, Founder members sign-up

9. Summary and close

Those who wish to be Founder Members should complete their subscription form (see under Cardrona Village Assocation in the top menu). Any one who is 16 and over in the household can join as a member provided they pay their subscription.  If you will be unable to attend the meeting on the 25th October please complete a Proxy Form given under Cardrona Village Association on the top menu.

We will also appreciate receiving any nominations for the CVA committee in advance of the meeting.  We would particularly welcome representatives from each street or group of streets so that everyone in the village will be represented.


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