Severe Weather Warning for heavy rain and thunderstorms

Scottish Borders Council and partners are encouraging residents to be aware of the potential for significant disruption during Wednesday morning due to bad weather.
A Yellow Weather Warning for rain is in place for most of Scotland from 5pm today (Tuesday) until 9pm on Wednesday. It is expected that the Scottish Borders will be affected between dawn and lunchtime on Wednesday.

Thunderstorms are forecast to move into the southern Borders from dawn tomorrow, bringing with them extremely heavy, isolated downpours of rain, with the potential for hail, significant lightning and strong gusts of wind.
In some areas up to 50mm of rain could fall over the course of just a few hours, with between 20-30mm of rain falling per hour in the heaviest downpours.

There remains a great deal of uncertainty as to exactly where the thunderstorms and heaviest rain will hit, but if what is forecasted does arrive in the Borders there is every likelihood that we will see significant disruption.

Please be prepared for the potential of some extremely difficult driving conditions on Wednesday morning.

Should the Met Office be able to pinpoint where is most likely to be affected then there is the potential for a short-term Amber Weather Warning to be issued.”
Since the weather warning was first issued by the Met Office yesterday, the Council’s Neighbourhood Services staff have been ensuring sandbag stores across the region are fully stocked and flood grilles clear of debris.


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