Tweed Valley Ultra Run

Please note that this event is passing along the railway path and through the village on 19th November, as it head for the finishing point at Glentress.

From approx. mid day there will be a straggled group of Mo Farrah wannabe’s in various stages of collapse and distress. As this is close to the finish of a long distance event it may be a number of hours from the first super hero to the last staggering waif……


3 responses to “Tweed Valley Ultra Run

  1. I am likely to be one of these stragglers 🙂 thanks for the support! I think by the time I pass you I’ll be needing a big cheer. x

  2. Brian, we have no information other than that in the post. Only coming through the village on the return leg a very approx. mid day

  3. Do you know the approx. times from and to?


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