Cardrona Security Suggestions for Residents

A list put together by a group of Cardrona Residents …

Cardrona Security Suggestions for Residents
In terms of individuals who have concern over security of their own properties, some measures such as the following could be considered.
1. Careful closure and locking of all doors and windows when the property is left unattended
2. Use of property alarm systems where available – certainly on every occasion that the property is left unattended but also at night if “Part Set” of the system is available.
3. Use of time switches on local internal lighting at various locations in the property, in order to convey the impression of occupation.
4. Consideration of the use of radio noise when the home is unoccupied
5. Awareness that, if you are in your garden, rear entrance doors should always be within sight, or remain locked.
6. Use of external lighting at both front and back of the property, and especially in darker corners
7. Robust locks on all access points (doors and windows). These should all comply with latest BS (or EU) Standards since some insurance companies will not pay out if locks do not comply (see
8. Location of house and car keys remotely from vulnerable access points such as patio doors or letter boxes etc (see
9. Storing of car keys (particularly “keyless entry” types) in a metal container to minimise the risk of use of a relay box to access the car (See
10. Ensuring that emergency telephone numbers – and telephones – are readily accessible in the case of need (specially during the night)
11. Training the dog to be noisy when required!!

DISCLAIMER It should be understood that these measures must all be the responsibility of individual residents and there can be no responsibility vested in the CVA for such measures or for their distribution. Benefits which could accrue, however, in addition to crime prevention, could extend to benign consideration by insurance companies for home insurance cover!


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