AGM/EGM notices and reports

The EGM on Monday 19th December 2011 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall approved unanimously the Changes to the Constitution, The Treasurer’s Report and voted in the new committee.

The various reports are available via this web site  As always we welcome volunteers for the committee who manage the Hall, its bookings (which provide a profit for upkeep of the Hall and other community benefits), maintain the Hall and environs, run events such as the Xmas lights switch on and Summer Games, assist new projects and events.  We take a very modern approach with most of the decision making done by email so there is a minimum of meetings.  It is, of course, very satisfying to see the Hall being so well used by so many different groups across all age groups.  It is rewarding to see the delight in the childrens’ faces at the Xmas lights switch on and their efforts at the Summer Games rewarded with medals, cups and other prizes.  So please put your name forward.

The agenda for the EGM was:

1.  Chair’s report

2.  Treasurer’s report

3.  Constitutional changes

3.  Nomination and election of the committee.

4.  Any other business

We look for hearing from you and seeing you at the EGM.


Brian McCrow

Chair Cardrona Village Hall committee


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