Terms & Conditions of Hall Use


Users are required to collect and return the hall keys with one of the key custodians in the village.


1. Please treat the hall and its contents with respect.

2. Noise generate by activities inside and outside of the hall must not disturb or cause annoyance to the residents in the village. The hall doors should remain closed after 7 pm to prevent evening sessions from disturbing local residents.

3. A report book is provided in the kitchen to record any damage, breakages and accidents. Please ensure all incidents are reported so that the hall can be properly equipped and maintained.

4. The Hall has a maximum capacity of 100 people and for safety reasons this must not be exceeded.

5. Cars must not be parked, so as to cause an obstruction in the car park, on the green or on Cardrona Way. As the area is a particular favourite play area for children, drivers are asked to be extra vigiliant.


The Hall is designated as a No Smoking facility. Those wishing to smoke should go outside. Please ensure that any cigarette ends are disposed of.


Evening activities: Sunday-Thursday, activities in the hall must cease by 2200 hours and the hall must be vacated by 2230 hours. On Friday & Saturday nights, activities in the hall must cease by midnight and the hall must be vacated by 0030 hours.


1. Please stack and tidy away all chairs, tables, equipment etc.

2. Please clean and tidy away all Kitchen equipment – ready for the next user.

3. Please mop up all spillages and sweep areas that you have used. All rubbish must be bagged up and placed into the rubbish wheelie bins outside. Please recycle what you can in the appropriate recycling bin. If people have been smoking outside, please ensure that there are no cigarette ends lying about.

4. Please check all rooms to ensure that there are no signs of fire and that everybody has left the building.

5. Please check that all windows are shut and that all lights, and water taps and  have been turned off. Please note, the lights in the toilets operate on a sensor.

6. On leaving, lock all doors and return the key as per your arrangement with the key holder.

7. Hall cleaning should be completed immediately after the function whenever possible. If there are no functions the following morning then cleaning can be completed by noon the next day provided permission has been given in advance by the key custodian. If the hall is not cleaned to the required standard, or there is any damage, the Committee will charge the hirer the amount needed to remedy it.


1. Those hiring the hall shall be liable for any damage to the hall or its contents, and for any excess cleaning that may be required. The Hall Committee shall be the sole judges of the amount involved.

2. The Hall Committee reserves the right to refuse applications for the hire of the hall to any person or organisation. In the unlikely event the Hall Committee refuses an application a clear reason will be given to the applicant.

3. The Hall Committee will not accept any responsibility for anything lost or stolen in the hall or car park, nor any damage to cars using the car park.


1. Those hiring the hall may consume alcohol in the hall without seeking permission from the committee provided:

  • Alcohol is only consumed by persons over 18 years old.
  • No alcohol is consumed outside the hall.
  • No alcohol is sold.

2. If the hirers wish to sell alcohol at an event in the hall then permission must be obtained from the committee. If the committee agrees to obtain a licence for the selling of alcohol in the hall for the event then the hirer must pay all associated costs. At such events the hirer must ensure that guests do not bring alcohol into the hall for their own consumption and any other terms of the licence.

3. The hirer must maintain appropriate civil order and is responsible for immediately resolving any drunkeness or disagreement that might arise. In addition the hirer is responsible for ensuring that anyone in a severely intoxicated or injured state receives immediate medical attention. Should any matter get out of hand the committee will report the incident to the local police.


After each event members of the Village Hall Committee may visit the hall. They will assess the cleanliness, tidiness of the hall and compliance with these terms and conditions for use.  If the hall is not cleaned to the required standard, or there is any damage, the Committee will charge the hirer the amount needed to remedy it.


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