Community contingency planning

We are planning for contingencies within the village such as large snow falls, loss of electricity, flooding. 

Innerleithen & District Community Council

Adverse Weather Community Plan

We’d like to identify those people who need help and those who want to help so please answer these questions and return the form to Community Coordinator c/o Brian McCrow,1 Cardrona Way or

 Assistance for those who need help in adverse weather:

       Are you able to clear your neighbour’s paths/driveway?               Y/N

      Can you offer the use of a 4×4 for urgent errands/messages?       Y/N

      Are you able to clear the school/nursery playgrounds?                 Y/N

      Can you help with catering or hot drinks?                                    Y/N

      Would you like to be a coordinator for your street/area?               Y/N

 Those who need assistance in adverse weather:

       Do you need help to clear your paths/driveway?                          Y/N

      Do you need help to get to the shops/doctor/hospital?                   Y/N

 Your Details (these will be held securely by the Community Coordinator)



 Post code:




 For more details please contact the Community Councillors managing this plan  

Brian McCrow,1 Cardrona Way,Cardrona,EH45 9LD 01896 833188, 07712 841768 or Neil Cummings, 7 Mains Farm Steading, Cardrona EH45 9HL  01896 831771, 07920 574583 




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