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Welcome to the New Site

Bienvenue, Willkommen, Mire se vjen, as our French, German and Albanian friends would say.

We’ve adopted a new site, and a new design in order to do more with less.

A blog lets us develop a conversation amongst the village, while being cheaper than our current web host.

  • Different local groups can put their own messages on here.
  • You can sign up to receive updates relating to particular issues
  • You can have your say, and start a conversation yourself.
  • You can so all that social media stuff with the pages and articles so “Like” and “Tweet” away
We’re spending the next couple of weeks, tweaking our design, and adding some new content.
Please tell us what you think – just keep it clean!
So again, Welcome, Ongi Ettori, Aloha, Selamat Detang,


What’s a blog? What do I do?

With this blog, you have some choices.

Subscribing – You don’t have to, but if you want yo be alerted when there’s new content, you can subscribe to the whole kit’n’kaboodle – enter your name and email at the bottom left there – and you’ll get email alerts when there are new articles on here.

Alternatively, you can subscribe only to a series of posts – by clicking that you want to be emailed when there are any updates.

Social Media – We’re sorting out Facebook and Twitter so you can be alerted on those media too. Check back soon for that.

Reading and writing – You can just read, or, if there’s something you want to write, then leave a reply in the appropriate place. After your first post has been approved, then your next ones will appear instantly.

Privacy – You can unsubscribe to any of this at any time, and if you write anything the administrators think is offensive you’ll be banned.