Cardrona Village Hall, 7-8pm
Please come along to help shape the future of your village
Everyone is encouraged to attend this year’s AGM in the village hall where we will be debating & agreeing matters such as the cost of subscription for 2018, issues around maintenance of the village facilities, increasing village participation, a look at the CVA’s achievements over the past year & plans to make Cardrona an even better place to live in the future.
Unfortunately, many sections of the village have been under-represented at recent AGMs. It would be great to see engagement by people from all the different developments so that their interests can be heard & properly represented by the CVA.


  1. Minutes of AGM held on 17th February 2017
  2. Report from the Chair Person ( P Sellar)
  3. Report from the Treasurer (R Waddell)
  4. Agreement of subscription rate for 2018
  5. Matters Arising e.g. Clock Repairs and Security
  6. Resignations and Nominations for Board appointees
  7. Election of Boards appointees
  8. O.C.B

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